Tours for English Berlin

Tours for English to cover all the major sights 


For anyone planning an excursion to Berlin, this is clearly the best tour to book which will enable you to see all the major sights. The modern Berlin has such an enormous amount to offer in terms of entertainment, history and education. This city has become one of the major tourist destinations in Europe and still offers incredible value for money.  

Due to the enormous amount on offer, it makes sense to first do a tour of the city in order to orientate oneself. If you are English speaking, or understand English as your second language, our tour is the perfect option to familiarise yourself with all the major sights.


Our business specialises in offering English Tours of Berlin at affordable prices. We show you all the four major categories, namely Cold War Sights, Post Cold war Sights, Nazi Period Pre-WWII. the tour is conducted in a minivan and the presentation is higly informative as well as wildly amusing. An added advantage is to be collected from your hotel at no additional cost. 



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