Sachsenhausen Tour For English

Are you an English Speaking Tourist coming to Berlin?


Then this is the ideal company to service your needs. At Enigma Tours, we endeavour to cater to all English speaking tourists. An essential sight to see is the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp located some 40 kilometres north of Berlin. We will collect you in an air-conditioned vehicle and drive you directly there. Unlike the walking tours where you are obliged to take multiple trains.


Once at the camp, you will see all the major attractions before being driven back to your hotel. All for the incredibly reasonable price of €55 per person. Please bear in mind that once at the camp you are required to do quite a bit of walking, so make sure to bring a good pair of walking shoes with. For the elderly, they do have wheelchairs available at the camp and we are more than happy to push you to all the necessary sights.


In many respects. this camp is the model camp upon which all the other's are said to have been based. So it occupies an important position in the whole Nazi killing apparatus.


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