Berlin City Tour English

Your Essential guide to Berlin with Berlin City Tours English.


When travelling to Berlin from any other country, Berlin City Tour in English ought to be your company of choice to see the major sights. Enigma English Tours In Berlin offers a comprehensive range of tours of all the major attractions at a fraction of the cost of other companies.  


Our standard tour of the city covers all the hotspots such as the Brandenburg Gate, Nazi sights, post Cold-War sights, Cold War sights and also Imperial Berlin. The idea of a walking tour often sounds attractive, but you reallly need an air-conditioned vehicle to cover the whole city. Most walking tours only cover East Berlin.


An added attraction is to be collected and returned to your hotel or residence free of charge. During the tour, we welcome any questions you may have - even controversial ones. We dislike doing Pravda-style tours or politically correct tours where nothing controversial gets said or done.


Considering that our basic tour costs only €35 for all the above-mentioned advantages, how could you possibly go wrong? 


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    Sami Djoury (Saturday, 21 September 2019 21:47)

    I was asking about a tour earlier and asked you to respond to my email. However, I cannot access my email. Can you contact me at Capri by Fraser at
    +49 30 2007 70 1888, Room 301. as early as possible tomorrow. If not in then leave message at desk as we may be at breakfast. Would like to know if your tours are unilingual English and if you exit at certain sites. Thank you.