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If your'e coming to Berlin, this is your one stop shop for all English related tours of Berlin 


Berlin has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. And deservedly so. Historically it has dominated world history for at least 100 years going back to 1914. And in today's contemporary Europe, it again lies at the forefront of the European Union.


If you're contemplating visiting the city and English is your mother tongue or simply your lingua franca, you need to contact us to ensure that you receive a well balanced tour of the city. Here at English Tours Berlin we cater to the well educated tourist who appreciates a sophisticated take on a very complex city.


Our Berlin City Tour covers all the important sights for a mere €35 including pick up and drop off afterwards to and from your hotel or apartment. The full range is covered from Nazi sights to Cold War, post Cold War and even pre-World War II. 


Our tours are witty, insightful and not lacking in controversy opinions sometimes. And a free CD is given to each group containing photos of all the sights you will see.


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