Berlin Tour For English

When visiting Berlin, treat yourself to a tour for the English and learn things you won’t find in the history books


Berlin is rich with history, culture and endless stories that deserve to be heard. It brings in millions of people from across the world each year, and with so many sights to see and things do to, it’s not hard to see why it’s such a popular destination.

If you’re thinking of booking Berlin as your next getaway, don’t forget to book a tour with us. Here at English Tours Berlin we provide a luxurious tour for those on a budget who wish to see the sights that Berlin has to offer.


With our Berlin City tour, we can take you to the most famous sights for just €35. You will get to see sights such as pre world war II, Nazi sights, Cold war sights and post Cold war sights. Better yet, we will happily pick you up and drop you back to your hotel for no extra cost.


Our tours are informative, engaging and will give you plenty of new knowledge to walk away with. To book your place on our Berlin City tour, call today on ++49 30 8101 4644.

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