WWII Sights Berlin English

Treat yourself next year to seeing the WWII sights in Berlin with the help of an English speaking tour guide


You don’t have to be a lover of history to appreciate the WWII sights that Berlin has to offer. Each and every sight tells a different story about the war, and there’s no better way to soak up local history than by investing in a guided tour.


Here at English Tours Berlin we are proud to offer a luxury Berlin City tour that covers all the sights you’ll wish to see. Broken down into four sections, you will get to experience:


·      Pre-World War II and see sights such as Brandenburg Gate and Berliner Dom

·      Nazi sights such as the Ruins of Gestapo and SS HQ

·      Cold War sights such as The Russian Embassy and Sight of Kennedy’s Speech

·      Post Cold War where you can see sights such as US & British Embassies and Scandinavian Embassy 


What you may have learnt during school time or throughout your life will be one thing, but with our guided tours you can understand the real-life stories that come with the WWII sights. Book your place on our guided tour by filling out the form on our website today.

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