English Sightseeing Tours Berlin

English sightseeing tours in Berlin will give you the ultimate experience


When it comes to visiting Berlin, there is so much to discover and learn that it can be a struggle putting together your own itinerary. From seeing Hitler’s bunker to the Brandenburg gate, there are endless sights to see.  If you want to experience the real Berlin in exceptional detail, our tours will give you an in depth experience like nothing else.


Whether it’s your first visit to Berlin or you’re a regular tourist, you’re guaranteed to learn something new with our tours. Our Berlin city tour is available for just €35 per person and comes with a free CD which has captioned photographs of listed sights.


Just some of the sights that you will see on our Berlin City Tour are:


·      Ruins of Gestapo and SS HQ

·      Checkpoint Charlie

·      US & British Embassies

·      Victory Column

·      WWII Bomb Shelter

·      Sight of Old Communist Parliament


We’re passionate about our ability to create informative tours that are both interesting and engaging. To learn more about our Berlin city tour, take a look around our website today. If you’d like to make a reservation call us now on ++49 30 8101 4644.

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