Glienicke Bridge Tour English

Glienicke Bridge tour in English


Connecting Berlin and Potsdam, the Glienicke Bridge is a fantastic sight that has to be seen when visiting Berlin. Otherwise known as The Bridge of Spies, the Glienicke Bridge was used during the Cold War as an exchange point of captured spies, and is certainly worth a visit.


Here at English Tours Berlin we are proud to offer an in depth English tour to the Glienicke Bridge. All of the information that we share on our tour is fact checked and informative, providing you with knowledge you may not have read in books.


The beauty of our tours is that you get the chance to learn about history with likeminded individuals, all the while being able to view the sight up close and personal.


Our tours offer a personal touch with fantastic value for money, something that people from many different countries choose to take part in. We are proud to have a 5 star rating on TripAdvisor with many positive reviews left by previous customers.


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